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Michelle has spent the last 20 years exploring several styles of Hatha Yoga in depth. In 2002 she met Ana Forrest and was inspired by her style enough to fulfill the rigorous requirements to become a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher. Today she assists Ana at workshops around the country, and was recently chosen by Ana to become a Forrest Yoga Guardian (select group of Mentor Teachers). She is currently fulfilling her requirements as a Guardian in Training. In 2012, Michelle started her apprenticeship with HeatherAsh Amara in the 13 Moons Priestess Training which later became Warrior Goddess Training. She is also certified with The Toltec Center for Creative Intent (Toci) as an Artist of the Spirit Coach. Michelle is the Creatrix of Sensual Yoga for women, an empowering physical practice designed to help women regain or reconnect to their feminine fire. She is studying Visionary Craniosacral Work with Hugh Milne through the Milne Institute.

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